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Hair Oil Treatment Arga

  • Rich Oil for Shiny, Manageable Hair
    Hair oil formulated with 17 carefully selected plant oils. This rich oil provides shine and manageability without any stickiness.
  • Precious Argan Oil
    The argan tree only grows in southwestern Morocco. Argan nuts are harvested only once every two years, and only about 1 liter of oil is extracted from each tree's 30 kg of nuts.
  • Contains Meadowfoam-delta-lactone
    A plant-derived ingredient extracted from the seeds of the white meadowfoam flower.This ingredient sticks to the hair when exposed to the heat from a hair dryer or hair iron, resulting in a glossy and sleek appearance. This exceptional repair ingredient transforms the usually taxing heat into a beneficial ally for your hair.
  • Made with Hand-pressed Argan Oil
    All processes from seed extraction from the fruit to oil extraction are done by hand (hand-pressing method), and the oil is extracted at a low temperature.We utilize the highest quality argan oil produced through a cold press process to prevent oil degradation from heat and to preserve the original qualities of argan oil.
  • 【Fragrance】Grapefruit White / Vanilla Musk / Plumeria / Luminosite / Rose / Peach & Strawberry
  • NET:50mL / NET:300mL