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Lacio Straight Iron

  • Style your hair the way you want!
    Of course, it's great at straightening hair!
    You can achieve a range of styles, from subtly smooth straight hair to gentle curls, or even a voluminous top-do.
  • Product Features
    ・A photocatalytic titanium coating* is utilized on the heat plate section to ensure a seamless and silky straightening effect from the roots to the ends.
    ・Adjustable temperature range from 60°C to 180°C.
    ・Reaches a temperature of 180°C in 8 seconds.
    ・Manufactured in Japan, with a 1-year warranty* and repair services available.
    *Exclusions apply to malfunctions or damage resulting from intentional or negligent customer behavior.
    ・Effortless use facilitated by an exceptional cushioning function for enhanced comfort.
    ・Lightweight, easy-to-hold design.