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Head Spa Brush

  • Soft to the touch yet effectively clears out pores! The soft material provides a comfortable massage!
    ・This scalp massage brush features a flexible bristle design that delicately removes scalp sebum and dirt while delivering a gentle touch and a soothing massage.
    ・It massages the scalp's contours, lifting each hair strand for a gentle and supple cleansing experience, without causing more frizz compared to washing with fingers.
    ・It doesn't tangle while washing and rinsing, reducing hair stress and resulting in a glossy, silky appearance.
  • Similar to plants, hair requires a nourishing environment to thrive.
    ・The main cleaner lifts dormant hair strands and provides a gentle scalp massage without causing harm to the hair.
    ・The sub-massager cleans sebum and dirt from the scalp.